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WP8 Tiles lets you create Start screen tiles that look just like those in Windows Phone 8! Completely customize your tiles with colors and icons. Impress your friends and personalize your Start screen! • Beatiful Windows Phone 8 style tiles • Total customization • Tiles act as folders, giving you easy access to many actions • Choose from over 100 icons or use FavIcons to personalize your tile • Unlimited possibilities! WP8 Tiles lets you add actions to your tile. When you add your tile to the Start screen, these actions appear when you click it. Available actions include: • WiFi toggle • Bluetooth toggle • Cellular toggle • Airplane mode toggle • Marketplace search • Send an email • Web search • Send an SMS • Bing Maps search • Launch a web page Changelog ------------------- 8/2/2012: Fixed bugs, added ability to edit existing tiles 6/30/12: Added a trial mode, a more advanced color picker, and the ability to use FavIcons as icons
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Can I hiding some desktop icons in Winodws 8?
"Hey, guys Is there a way to hide most of the desktop icons, but allow others to remain visible? I hope someone with a bit more knowledge than me could come along. any help would be grately appreciated...."
How to Change the Icons of Metro Tiles in Windows 8
"To change the icons in the metro tiles, follow this way below: 1. Go to Metro UI: * Right-click on the app > Open file location [ATTACH=CONFIG]334[/ATTACH] 2. Go to Desktop: * Open Explorer * Go to C:\User\XXX(Your Name)\AppData\Roaming\M..."
Metro tiles disappear when the mouse is moved in Windows 8
"Hi all, When my laptop boots to the metro desktop the tiles are all there, but as soon as i use either the touchpad or a mouse, they disappear, it seems they might still be there but are not visible. If i click where the "desktop" tile is suppose..."


WP8 Tiles

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