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Wreader is good Google Reader client,enjoy it! 2.1 - fix google token expired - pic wall feature(Test!) 2.0 - fix sina weibo overdate issue - pic fixed 1.9 - fix sina weibo 1.8 This release includes the following changes: - add text message share,email share,sina weibo share. - picture share. 1.7 This release includes the following changes: - open article on IE - send to ReaderItLater 1.6 This release includes the following changes: - fix get Tags and Feeds issues - fix some slide issues 1.5 This release includes the following changes: - New UI - Change down menu - Fix repeat load in listpage - thanks yoosin for UI 1.4 This release includes the following changes: - Pin Each tag or feed to Phone's Start page *Each tile can Update in 30min after you open Auto Update Option - Optimized List Page - Fix bugs 1.3 -Real Offline Mode can be used -something issues fixed -auto updated option 1.2 1.Pictures auto flip 2.Google Reader RSS synchronization 3.Pull-down page 4.Settings page automatic save DO NOT to confirm 5.Update notice message 6.Exit confirm 7,Reduce list page request to reduce the flow of updating 1.1 1.Take out What 's New to save the memory 2.Home page flipping animation effect 3.Support in both Chinese and English 4.Detailed page night mode support 5.Increase Google recommendation 6.Last updated text size records
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