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XBMC REMOTE lets you control your XBMC 11 (Eden) mediaservers. Requires XBMC v11 (Eden) Available at http://xbmc.org/download/ Browse/Play Videos, Music, MusicVideos, TVshows and file sources. The remote is always available by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner. Multiple connection configurations possible. Cache Medialibrary. Enable/Disable Fanart. Settings to require Wifi connection available. In Now Playing screen, Swipe Left/Right to change track in playlist. Setup Wizard included for easier setup Update v1.16 Bugfixes Minor UI Imporvemnts Update v1.15 Save fanart Social sharing Minor UI Imporvemnts Sort episodes descending Update v1.14 Pin Connecions to start New Episodes added to TV Shows Minor UI Imporvemnts Update v1.13 Bugfixes Minor UI Imporvemnts Update v1.12 Bugfixes Minor UI Imporvemnts Update v1.11 Bugfixes Trailers Minor UI Imporvements Update v1.10 Bugfixes Button for Audiotrack in Remote Genres redesigned Minor UI Imporvements Update v1.9 Bugfixes TV Show search Posters support in TvShows via setting Minor UI Imporvements Update v1.8 Bugfixes Search functionality Update v1.7 Wake On Lan Update v.1.6 Artists layout changed Artist page added with Albums, Songs and Musicvideos all in one place New language, Norwegian Bugfixes Update v.1.5 Added Episode details Added resume functionality Live tile New languages, Swedish and Dutch Minor UI improvements Update v.1.4 Fixed the watched-mark in episodes. Added Info and ContextMenu (Right Click) buttons to remote. Expanded Gesture area in remote. In the movies section you can now choose to be directed to the details page upon selection of a movie. Minor UI improvements Update v.1.3 Added GesturePad to Remote Watched mark added to movies and episodes Minor improvements
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