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1st TurboRun is Net's most convenient Start menu replacement. Don't know what "Start menu replacement means?" Here is a simple explanation. Imagine you want to open a text document or search Google.com to find something. Usually you would have to go to Start menu, browse through folders, find a document you need and then open it. In case with web search, you would first have to find your web browser, launch it, then enter URL, and finally type in your search phrase. 1st TurboRun makes all this unnecessary. One mouse click and website or document is accessed. This is how the program works. It sits in the system tray and when you need to access any document, URL or file, you simply start entering its name. You don't have to enter the entire name - only a small part. The program immediately shows files or URL bookmarks that match the name. If there are multiple choices, you select the file you need. If you enter the exact file name, there usually will be one file (unless you have several files with the same name stored in different directories). That's it. But program developers managed make the program even easier by letting you customize folders to be searched. Chances are all text documents you need are stored in two or three different folders. For example, there are no reasons to include in search text documents stored in the Windows folders, because most likely these documents will be related for system files. The same goes for MP3 files - they are usually stored in specific folders. To save time, set the program to search only the folders you need. Plus, you can take advantage of hotkeys that will do all the work for you. So, instead of reading program's description, download and try it. You will see and feel how simple it is. The download is 100% FREE. If you decide to purchase the program, there is an unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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