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7 Sticky Notes is a free program to create notes and organize tasks on the computer. With this application you can create any number of notes that will be displayed on the desktop system. You can save them important upcoming events and any other tasks that must be done. The program allows you to synchronize your notes online and share them with friends. 7 Sticky Notes also allows you to manage notes, dividing them into groups or categories, as well as customizing their appearance according to your preferences. You can also enable reminders of important upcoming event, using the built-in alarm and an alarm clock. It is worth noting that each note is fully customizable and you can change the font, text color, style, and even add background effects. 7 Sticky Notes is a lightweight, reliable and fully customizable program for every computer user. That's not all. The program could not miss an additional manager to manage sticky notes and advanced search functions.
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7 Sticky Notes 1.9.0

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