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AbiWord is an open source text editor distributed under the GPL. The program is solidly prepared, has an interface reminiscent of MS Word. Application possibilities to satisfy the needs of most users, creating text documents. AbiWord project arose from the desire to create a stable, equipped with professional features, word processor that is not tied to a single hardware platform or a closed file format. Today AbiWord is compiled as a native application on a wide range of computing platforms, and supports an equally impressive number of types of file formats. In addition, AbiWord provides a set of functions, which surely has everything you would expect from a modern word processor. Here is a brief of its features: 1 Familiar Interface 2 Import and export Word files 3 Unlimited undo editing and return to the previous version 4 Reliable export to files of type HTML 5 Figures 6 Spellcheck with optional underlining 7 Enumeration (numbered and bulleted lists) 8 Style But probably the biggest difference between AbiWord and most text editors to format the files. The document saved in AbiWord is a readable text, which allows you to use any text editor to view the files AbiWord. This means that users are free, they are not dependent on a single program, which provides them with the tools to interpret their own information. It does not matter whether we use AbiWord, it is important that users can be confident that their important data will always be safe. And because of the open source nature of the project AbiWord documents longevity is ensured by the availability of the source code of the program, its active development and upgrading. AbiWord is completely free and cross-platform. He works as a native application on GNU / Linux, Windows, BeOS, QNX, and GNOME. This program has a number of filters for formats such as RTF, HTML, LaTeX and Microsoft Word. AbiWord's native file format is based on XML - is working on the adoption of a universal data exchange format OpenDocument.
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AbiWord 2.9.4

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