ACID Pro 7.0E Build 713



ACID Pro 7 is the ideal tool for creating music loop-based, which allows to produce their own original compositions. Most often it is used to create tracks, remixes, sound and music for the multimedia presentations, movies and the Internet. The program is very popular among the promoters of radio production, video and TV because of the possibility of creating high-quality background music in a very short time. ACID is a great tool to change the sound in real time, the stretching and quantization of audio and MIDI events. Easy to use with many powerful features, will allow for everything - from the fast track to creating complex sound design of complex production. Basic features more than 1,000 loops in a variety of genres Media Manager Metronome for playback and recording Adapting the user interface and keyboard shortcuts Importing Flash format [swf] Enhanced Recording media preview tracks in the finished project files Unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks Adjustable height and speed in real time Preview loops in real time Support for other meters audio support 24-bit 192kHz ASIO driver support master streams, additional synthesis and effects Supports multiple file formats Recording Live Autosave Multiprocessor support service history two monitors Infinite undo / redo support external listening Import WAV, Windows Media and MP3 Ability to download media from the Web Mixing and Editing paths insertable folders for easier organization of project events Flipping real-time redirection of the creek to creek monitoring downmiksu Improved stretch over time and detect arrhythmias insert individual samples in real time Customizable folders media for the project boundary changes imposed on a number of selected events Mixing in 5.1 mode Beatmapper Chopper Shortcuts for playing and mute tracks silent as video [wmv, mov, wmv] Edit several paths simultaneously ASR envelopes [Rise, Hold, Fade] marks a change of pace, meter meta tags and key commands Tagging real-time volume and panning envelopes Assigning tempo and key quantization effects and MIDI Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning Service ReWire [mixer and device] Support for VST effects multiport synthesis VSTi Support Align to Grid in edit mode based DirectX effects rate plugin manager command omissions effects editor MIDI event list editing and recording midi Step Stretch-time MIDI music creation and release using MIDI timecode [MTC] Direct links to setup audio / MIDI synthesis service DLS 1 & 2 VSTi Support DirectX plug-in support Automation effects over 20 DirectX effects in real-time ranks 32 customizable effects of 26 streams Streams paths special effect special effect Auto EQ DirectX effects of resonant filter Flange / Wah / Phase-based DirectX effects on the rate of Simple Delay Amplitude Modulation Chorus DirectX Effects of Changing Chorus Compression Delay / Echo Noise Gate Multiband Dynamics Dynamics Graphic EQ Parametric Equalizer Graphic Equalizer paragraficzny Amplitude Modulation Flange / Wah-Wah / Phase Smooth / Sharp Gap / Export Snip Vibrato noise and burning a new integrated burning function in the DAO Extraction music from CDs Export formats: WAV, MP3, WMA, WMV, RM, WAV, AIF, PCA and Sony NetMD Publication music on System Requirements Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP processor clock to 800 MHz [1 GHz when movies] 200 MB free hard disk space for program installation 600 MB of disk space (optional) 256 MB RAM Sound card Windows-compatible CD-ROM [for installation] Supported CD-R/RW [the burning] DirectX 8 or later Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
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ACID Pro 7.0E Build 713

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