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ACID XPress is a free, well-known tool for music artists. Create your own original music with a few clicks of your mouse. It's easy - just use some samples and templates, drag and place them on the path and play the result. It's the easiest way of making music ever powstał.Producent available on the website package with free samples to use in your productions. 129 MB of free samples available here. System Requirements Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP processor clock to 800 MHz [1 GHz when movies] 200 MB free hard disk space for program installation 600 MB of disk space (optional) 256 MB RAM Sound card Windows-compatible CD-ROM [for installation ] Supported CD-R/RW [the burning] DirectX 8.1 or later Microsoft. NET Framework 1.1, Internet Explorer 5.1 or later
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ACID XPress 7.0

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