Acronis Drive Monitor 1.0 Build 566



Acronis Drive Monitor is a free program to monitor disks. The purpose of the program is to monitor the status of hard drives in servers, desktops and laptops. It helps warn users against problems which carry a risk of failure. With this system, users have more time to react and save the data on your hard drive and organizing the replacement equipment. Once Acronis Drive Monitor identifies a problem, send an e-mail or an alert on the screen describing the specific threat. It provides easy-to-understand explanation of the problem with the instructions step by step procedure. Featured color-coded summary immediately gives a snapshot of the disk, and weekly reports generated by the program show the results of the scan. Acronis Drive Monitor is the state of the operating system controls the date of the last backup and analyze data on the disk activity generated in most drives using the built-in function as SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). Acronis also supports other storage tools, such as not having a SMART RAID systems via scripts. In addition, Acronis Drive Monitor also keeps track of messages in the Windows registry data, which indicate a potential risk of data.
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Acronis Drive Monitor 1.0 Build 566

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