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Adobe Photoshop CS2 is a professional program designed to edit bitmap images. New unique features, which is equipped with easy to work with photographs, from digital cameras. A wide range of different types of editing tools working in 48-bit mode, allows for increased creativity and productivity. It helps assistive technologies etc. to achieve the best possible outcomes for the final design of the project, regardless of the medium in which it is to be used - print, video, presentation, electronic brochure or the Internet. New Adobe Photoshop CS2 offers a tool for creativity, almost anything is not limited to work with the image. Photoshop CS2 comes with Adobe ImageReady CS2 program to create and optimize graphics for web pages. Features that enhance the development and review of images in Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop CS2 File Browser has become a stand-alone application: Adobe Bridge. This application works in parallel with the main program, eg when the user edits the data in Photoshop CS2, the application generates thumbnails Bridge. The new application, introduces a number of new features, especially valuable for photographers as simultaneous processing of multiple camera raw files, a new feature of marking and slideshow mode. Application Bridge also supports other programs in the Creative Suite (eg, Illustrator CS2, InDesign CS2 and GoLive), ie, improves their mutual cooperation. Thanks to an innovative Vanishing Point Vanishing Point tool changes or transformations are adapted to the defined perspective. You can create your own perspective grid, and paint, copy and drag objects around the grid points or otherwise. Vanishing Point tool simplifies the design so much that anyone who took advantage of the time, it is extremely difficult to give him a. Warping Images are distorted images directly in the workspace. You can take advantage of the rich set of pre-set or individually deployed checkpoints mesh warping. Picture warp, among other things, to adapt their shape to a certain area. By using the new features smart objects distorted graphics remain fully editable. Noise Reduction Noise Reduction Filter allows you to increase the quality of the image by removing noise, such as noise introduced by the camera's sensor or film grain. Advanced filter options provide control over the noise in each color channel, the noise around the edges of objects and noise resulting from JPEG compression. 32-bit HDR images image-editing mode allows 32-bit high dynamic brightness, or HDR images, designers gained control over the full range of brightness, from the deepest shadows to the most intense light. HDR technique allows you to visualize the details of the image and differentiate them in terms of brightness. Merge function as HDR can even create 32-bit HDR images by combining multiple photos from digital cameras, obtained with different exposures. Extensive customization of the program to the needs of the user in Photoshop CS2 introduced a number of innovations, much to facilitate the adaptation of the program to your personal preferences and requirements of specific projects. Customizing the Application Menu can be customized to fit your needs. Photoshop CS2 is equipped with a number of preset workspaces and function to save your settings as a new workspace. This window is used to adjust the menu. The menu commands, you can assign your own keyboard shortcuts, you can also highlight those commands using colors. Wider automation in Photoshop than facilitated parallel processing images. Use this new command processor pictures, including support Camera Raw files. The new job allows you to prepare images for the needs of film and video presentations. Many activities in the images, the background enhances Adobe Bridge. Variables creating a series of similar composition, you can import data from external databases and spreadsheets, the use of variables. You do not need to know any programming. Examples of procedures that should automate using variables include: the creation of a set of web banners and images to create a set of identical dimensions and signatures. Scripts task-oriented Photoshop CS2 can be configured to activate tasks and scripts only under certain circumstances. This is to the new Event Manager window scripts. Scripts can be activated in response to various standard event, the states of the Photoshop CS2. Adobe Help Center new Adobe Help Center operates in a separate window up for easy browsing and search Help topics. The user has access to both Photoshop CS2 Help and Support other applications of Adobe Creative Suite. The Help system is very efficient and task-oriented. System requirements: - Intel XeonT, Xeon Dual, Intel Centrino, Pentium III or 4 - Operating system Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or 2 - 320MB RAM (384MB recommended) - 650MB of free space on disk - Monitor and video card working at lease with 1024x768 resolution and 16 bit color - Internet or phone connection for activation
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Adobe Photoshop CS2

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