Aerie Spirit of the Forest



Following the disaster of Shangri-La is the same ash. For assistance are called Aerie and vicious flames. Guide them through forests, mountains, swamps and snowy peaks, so that they can heal a variety of plants and trees. Wake up and heal sleeping animals. The gifts that you get from them will allow you to save nature and breathe new life into it. Think strategically and wisely manage resources. "Aerie Spirit of the Forest" is a game which can always come back, trying to beat previously set rekordy.Język: polskiGłówne Game Features: · An exciting game that requires quick thinking and reflexes · 35 challenging and exciting levels · Ability to multiple repetitions to complete level with a better time and more resources · Environmentally friendly story gryMinimalne requirements: Processor: 1 GHzPamięć RAM: 512 MBKarta Graphics: No danychWolne disk space: no danychKarta Sound: not available
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Aerie Spirit of the Forest

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