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Air Force Missions is a pretty good shooter that allows the player to sit behind the wheel of a super modern helicopter gunship. As you can imagine, our main goal is to survive the massive attacks of enemy units, which include both ground vehicles and aircraft as well as machine running on water. Faced with so many risks but we are not helpless, because our helicopter was equipped with a deadly machine guns. The strength of the fire, may be gradually increased by harvested bonuses along the way, among which there are also different types of rockets, bombs and napalm and other deadly gadgets that inflicts great damage. In addition, the game offers the user several additional models of helicopters that will be unlocked during the game. The game has quite a lot of attention to detail, what caught my attention are, for example płonce trees, digested by the fire after a napalm or falling on the ground flying units that after shooting down a fraction of a second to freeze through the air at the time of the crash swoop ground. In addition, realistic explosions fun color to illuminate the display screen, and rotating in the air debris of destroyed vehicles. Each explosion causes a shock, so that we have the impression that we are in the epicenter of events. Air Force Missions as a free production looks really great. Weight of opponents, 3D graphics, excellent performance, the ability to unlock new helicopters, and the constant action make this type of game lovers, certainly will not be disappointed.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: 200 MHz  RAM: 64 MB  Graphics card: not available  Free hard disk space: 15 MB  Sound Card: no data
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Air Force Missions

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