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With AnalyzeIt you can inspect any file to find extra information about it. You can discover the real file type [based on the content of the file] and fully detailed extension information: Program and/or extension function, File classification, MIME type, specific characters, Program ID, General notes and the company [+link] of the software used to create that type of file There is a special section for information about analyzed executables: ImageBase, EntryPoint, CheckSum, Import and Export table, PE Directories [Resource, Exceptions, Reloc, Debug Datas, Description, Global PTR, TLS table, Local Config, Bound Import] and PE Sections with specific info: Name, RVA-Relative Virtual Address, Virtual Size, RAW Offset-File offset, RAW Size, Characteristics. It can also detect what packer/cryptor/compressor/compiler processed the executable. There is also a function to detect the OEP [Original Entry Point]. What´s New in version 2.0: Renamed "General info" to "Content info" New info on content page (attributes, content type: binary/text, last accessed/modified, created) Code rewritten, optimized and much faster Content type detection algorithm and hardcore packer/cryptor/etc scan improved, more efficient, better results, and also running in different threads, no more main application freezing Added info about two more directories: Delay import descriptor and COM+ Runtime Header (PE Info tab) More detailed import info, now shows Thunk offset and value too Much more detaild export info: RVA and offset for exported functions and if is a forwarded function, library info: number of functions/names, original name, addres of ordinals/functions/names, base, etc At content info, at the header & content analyze, results are now displayed in percentages and the most probable content type is highlighted. After the header & content analyze, if the current extension of the file differs from the most probable extension of the file, Analyze It offers the possibility to fix the extension for the user. Drag and drop files into Analyze It! from windows explorer "Ignore sig length" removed from content info Full characteristics informations for each section of the PE File
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Analyze It! 2.0

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