Anvi Rescue Disk 1.0



Anvi Rescue Disk is a free software to detect and remove pests infected operating system. The program is available as a rescue disk (ISO image), which can be run directly from a CD or flash drive (device connected via USB). Anvi Rescue Disk removes all types of viruses and other pests that infect the operating system and boot sector. Ideally suited for removal of viruses, which can not be disposed of in a traditional way (the operating system). Sometimes it can be a situation that your computer is infected by a virus - we can not run the system or the emergency mode. In this case, we use the software Anvi Rescue Disk, which starts automatically when you turn on your computer (before turning on the system) and remove all the threats in the form of viruses or other harmful pests. Anvi Rescue Disk is based on Linux (CDlinux and Xfce). Its operation is simple. When you start to select the appropriate language and then begin the process of scanning and virus usuwanai with additional tools - repair all the damage we have done pests. It is worth noting that the software connects to the Internet, because it also uses the cloud (when scanning the hard disk). In addition to having three scanning modes by which scan the entire computer or a selected location on your hard drive. Along with the program in the ISO get a separate application to record a program on different USB devices.
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Anvi Rescue Disk 1.0

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