AnVir Virus Destroyer 3.7


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Antivirus tool that protects computer against viruses and manages running processes and startup files.

1. protect computer from been infected with viruses

2. cure infected computer

3. view full info about running processes including processor and memory usage

4. manage Windows startup files

5. access most often used applications and folders with automatically filled tray menu

6. speed up Windows boot time and increase computer performance by disabling useless programs and delay startup loading

Main features:

1. Antivirus monitor continuously monitors computer's memory, and automatically detects, and removes viruses without interrupting your work. It terminates viruses and cures the infected computer by removing all virus stuff.

2. Startup manager with list of applications that run on Windows startup shows all registry entries, startup folders' items and initialization files. You can disable entries, edit entries, locate entries in the registry, create new entries, delete them permanently, or place startup item to the delayed list.

3. Task manager with full information about all running processes: file path, file description, work time, memory usage, processor usage, parent process, command line, etc. You can terminate any process, or process tree, get information from Web about each running executable file, etc.

4. Monitor of Windows startup setting. You will be notified at the moment, when any program tries to add itself to startup list.

5. Log with info about created processes, windows and new startup items. You can see when a process was created, and when it was terminated, who created a process, and with what command line, how long it worked, and how much processor time it used.

6. Tray icon with the graphical representation of processor usage.

Automatically filled tray menu with most offten used applications. You can launch your favorite programs and open your favorite folders with two clicks.

Best choice for home users.
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AnVir Virus Destroyer 3.7

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