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Auslogics Antivirus is a professional antivirus program, equipped with the latest system to detect and remove all threats on the computer. Application no problems cope with removing dangerous viruses, Trojan horses, worms and dangerous. Monitors the operating system in real time in the event of danger inform the user. Auslogics Antivirus program to prevent the spread of viruses and other pests on your hard drive, and also protects the user's identity - bank accounts, online shops and private data. It has a network module that blocks keyloggers and monitors user activity on the network. It provides full protection while using the Internet and the local network. In addition, the program scans your operating system and Web browser in order to identify vulnerabilities. Anti-virus software also provides security when using e-mail and check all attachments for the presence of virus. It is also worth mentioning the innovative mode, which reduces the load on the CPU and shuts down all active services and scheduled operations. This is very useful if you spend a lot of time on video games.
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Auslogics Antivirus 16.25.0

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