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Auslogics Internet Optimizer is a free application that allows you to optimize your Internet connection. Using this software will accelerate open web pages and optimize TCP / IP, DNS, and other items necessary to connect to the Internet. Auslogics Internet Optimizer is equipped with two functions to optimize your Internet connection. The first automatically optimizes the connection settings to the hardware configuration of your computer in order to achieve the maximum possible speed of the connection. We define the current speed by selecting the appropriate Speed ​​Internet - Fast (ADSL2, fiber), average (DSL, EDGE, connection cable and satellite and free (ISDN, GPRS). Subsequently, the program automatically tests, analyzes and optimizes various parameters associated with web- (for example, Active Connection to the Internet, the DNS cache or TCP and IP. second function allows you to manually optimize your Internet connection. This is for the more experienced user. worth noting that Auslogics Internet Optimizer creates a backup of the original settings and, if problems can be conveniently return to earlier configurations. Using the program is very simple and clear, and in addition can be in Polish. There were also at the function that connects directly to the service and check your current speed internet access.
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Auslogics Internet Optimizer

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