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AutoRun Pro Enterprise II is a very powerful program to create the boot menu to CD / DVD, interactive presentations and multimedia applications modified. The program offers the opportunity to create projects in a WYSIWYG environment, by means of which we almost all operations using drag-and-drop. The program is very easy to use and should not pose any problem, even for novice users. Just add the appropriate place text and logos and the use of ready-made templates (containing various buttons, backgrounds, pictures and other graphics), previously placing them in the editor in any place desired location. However, built-in configuration wizards will create a professional design in just a few minutes! Program features AutoRun Pro Enterprise II: - display every registered document (eg: TXT, DOC, HTML) via automatic start - print each registered document (eg: TXT, DOC, HTML) via automatic start the application you - run any programs - built-in media player - integrated audio player - create a standard (pop-up) and complex (drop-down) menu - the ability to add sounds to set up the boot menu - possibility to display a license agreement before you run the executable file - password protect CD - Supports a variety of formats, bitmaps and icons - page templates, objects, and other graphical elements, - taking the test before you burn data to CD, - creating a single executable file - create ISO image from CD - does not require installation on the hard drive (works directly with the drive).
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AutoRun Pro Enterprise II

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