Axy Snake 1.19



Remeake Axy Snake is snake game so much that a full 3D environment. The player's task is to direct the hose and collect the largest amount of fruit. But be careful of the beasts that lurks in the shadows, just waiting until the player makes a mistake. You should also avoid stones (collision with them causes a loss of energy). After some time, when the hose is already large (grows fruit swallowing) occurs guy who brings the key. After collecting this key opens the door to the next plan. The game has a very nice soundtrack to the ear. The graphics in full 3D with fabulous color palette. Great game for kids and more.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: 300 MHz RAM: 32 MB  Graphics Card: 3D graphics card  Free hard disk space: 15 MB  Sound Card: no data
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Axy Snake 1.19

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