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Beetle Ju is arcade game like earth-digging, stone-falling and fun thinking games such as Boulder Dash, Supaplex and Digger.

One Friday evening Ju was at home watching his favorite TV show. Suddenly some ugly shadows appeared as if from nowhere and a strange sound was heard... What could that be? A bunch of monsters invaded Ju's world, and nobody knows where they came from! What problems will the future bring to Beetle Ju? What adventures will he have to accomplish? Go ahead, be a hero!

The game features cartoon-like graphics, several dozens of in-game objects, such as bonuses, weapons and treasures, a lots of levels and levelpacks. Don't miss that game! It's a must-have for whole family.

Hit arcade game Beetle Ju now comes with the free Kid?s Pack, which includes 30 extra-levels with no scary monsters.
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Game not show in full screen
"hi there, Briefly, my operating system is windows 8 beta and the resolution is 1440x900. I installed Wars 3 on my desktop and when i turned it on, it is leaving some borders from left and right side almost 1 inch both sides instead of full screen...."


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Beetle Ju 1.8

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