Better Typing (without learning)


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The better way of doing your (daily) typing on PC. The 5 major benefits you will have immediately after installing Better Typing: 1. You can Touch Type immediately without having to learn Touch Typing. After installing Better Typing you will be able to type with ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. You don't need any more: a typing course or a typing tutor software to learn touch typing. 2. Touch Typing with Dvorak keyboard-layout (without learning). The proven benefits of Dvorak keyboard-layout are: increased productivity (speed and accuracy) and reduced finger movement. 3. Typing in almost every language. Did you try to type a Russian text or German 'ß' with US-Keyboard ? 4. Using spell checker in every Application. Better Typing spell checks everything you type. 5. The text you are typing is always in the same position on the screen and it is of the same size, despite the font size in the text-editor you are currently typing.
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Better Typing (without learning)

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