bible analyzer 3.9.3


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It has several features (such as text comparison, proximity searches, detailed statistics, etc.) usually not found in other free or commercial Bible software programs.

The freeware Download Edition of Bible Analyzer is full-featured and without nag screens or time limits. A Portable Edition is also available. The Bible Analyzer Suite CD-Rom contains over 600MB of valuable data and images plus 110+ modules are available from our Modules Page.

Check These Unique Features!

* Use Related Verse Search to find similiar verses

* List Every Difference between two Bible texts

* Show every verse where a keyword (such as "Christ") is omitted between two Bible texts

* Show a complete word list of all the "Red-Letter" words of Christ with a count or of Search Results

* Show a word frequency hit chart by book with every search

* Do a multi-word Proximity Search between a range of verses

* Do non-contiguous range searches

* Search according to Strong's Numbers

* Display Statistical and Numerical Data of any reference

* Ability to customize Titlebar and/or Toolbar with Text
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bible analyzer 3.9.3

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