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Bug tracking software for Windows users. Intuitive and powerful database management features allow you to record, organize, and manage defects, feature requests, error reports, or any other software development issues. For the database novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use bug tracking database management solutions make it easy to set up and use. You can create or modify database solutions with Designer. Our bug-tracking manager comes with features: Access your software development issue data in a variety of ways (table viewer, standard form viewer, or browser viewer). Create error lists, bug grouped reports, or any other bug related documents. Easily generate data specific commands: with one click send email message, display web page, capture or enter error message image. There is no limit on the number of records you can add and the number of databases you can manage. Supports manual and automatic data entry procedures. You can create customized bug tracking database solution. Each member of your organization can have separate accounts with unique databases. Program is network compatible. There are additional database management solutions for software development teams. Example: knowledge base database solution, frequently asked question manager, glossary organizer. Other features: send email, sort, filter, manual or automatic data entry features, print report wizard, print label wizard, print customized documents, database backup, password protection, export/import, summary/graphs, network, copy/paste record, copy/move record(s) to another database, and more. There are more than 100 other personal or business database solutions that can be used with this software.
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Bug Tracker Deluxe

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