Bunny PHP 4.1



The program can significantly speed up professional webmasters and beginners open space before the possibilities offered by web technologies. Bunny supports them all. By working with the use of technologies such as PHP, JS, VBS, CSS, XML, SQL will be easier, and the templates and wizards to speed up work on larger sites. The new version of the program is less developed functionality, and improved stability in the large, remove errors, added a big (72 pages) tutorial program and a new FTP client. Bunny in the new version has also become a more ergonomic. The interface is friendly and intuitive eye. Also significantly expanded context-sensitive help and an FTP client. Also significantly improved the functionality of the HTML Tag Editor. The program now allows the creation of rich diagrams created documents. Program Features * supports writing in PHP (PHP manual with descriptions of each function to be entered, hint), * administering MySQL has a built-in visual query editor, exporter dynamic and static data, * allows you to work in principle on an unlimited number of open documents * cute look under every Windows-configurable toolbars, * wizards pages and documents, * very powerful template system - allows you to create automatically updating the templates, * windowing editors almost all HTML tags, with the possible GUI editing CSS and context-sensitive help, * configurable (3.1)) coloring of HTML, XML, JS, PHP, CSS, * hint (dynamic attributes - the configuration Ctrl + Space) for all tags, attributes of the context-sensitive help, auto-wrapping tags, * html tag editor, acting as ObjectInspector Delphi - allowing two clicks of the mouse to change all the parameters of the tag, without their knowledge "in memory" - contains the default value, support, and a description of each tag, attribute, along with examples, * Context-sensitive help for all tools and parts, * courses create pages ( including HTML Darius Majgier course), and exercise of the fundamental elements of the program, * a professional tool to organize and validate HTML pages (including PHP) dandy - a very powerful HTML validator, I can fix basic errors webmaster, make their and recommendations can fix HTML code - for example, replacing Deprecated tags corresponding stylesheets, HTML also organizes the MS Word * tool to search multiple files at once by. criteria + converter itself equally exceptional stamps, * conversion "on the fly" - no bushes in the editor, if you do not detect the character encoding - just one click in the "Tails", * enhanced project management, * editor animated GIF images, * fully functional FTP client * quite easy WYSIWYG editor, which converts RTF to HTML documents (eg Microsoft Word), or format the text, * advanced editor stylesheets, * the ability to create your items - ready-made tags, or sections of text that you insert one-click access to the document * built-in preview the document, * editable color palette * support for JS, * full support for PHP (all functions with descriptions), templates, etc.., * validating links, * a collection of ready-to-use scripting JS * wizards basic PHP functions * systems to create bookmarks in your code, * detailed information about the document - time downloading etc., * service tracks compatible with UNIX and Windows - the possibility autoprzenoszenia files to project * System Explorer, * ability to work with other programs in the series "AMIGO", * the possibility of on-line help, * all the tools to edit the source code of other editors known of this type. Caution! In order to legally use the program, you must fill out a questionnaire completely free registration. [Register]
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Bunny PHP 4.1

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