Classic Shell 3.6.7



Classic Shell is a frontend interface of Windows to restore the Start menu and many of the previous features that have been removed, along with the evolution of the system from the "windows". Classic Shell is designed for people who new Modern UI interface (Metro UI) causes problems and not to the liking. The cap is fully configurable, both in terms of appearance and functionality. It is also worth mentioning that the Classic Shell has been adapted to support Windows 8 It can add to the interface of the start button on the lack of which many users complain.
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Classic start menu for windows 8
"Before the Microsoft released windows 8, I used the Seven Classic Start quite well for a long time. now, i upgraded to windows 8 and do not know whether it still suit for windows 8. because Seven Classic Start is compatible with all 32 and 64-bit edi..."


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Classic Shell 3.6.7

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Best Windows interface enhancement.
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