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Is your comic book collection a mess? Let Comic Book Collector smash it into shape. Bam! Boom! This free software can help you to organize and catalog your entire comic book library with a number of useful data fields and features. You can track stuff like how much you spent on each comic, where each is located, when you bought it, where and who you bought it from, and more. Detailed information for each comic book can be kept as well like Artist, Writer, Editor, Series, Edition, etc. You can put in a picture of the comic book cover as well into the graphic section. Once you get all the stuff entered, you can quickly scan through and sort your collection. You can print various reports as well as export data. Much of the software can be customized as well. If you do not want to track Edition, but need to track something else, you can make the change. Custom reports can be printed too. Best of all this software will not cut into your comic book budget as it is free. So give it a try and get those comics organized. Kapow!
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Comic Book Collector

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