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Comic Book Manager is a program that will manage your comic book collection. The program also has several reports that you can run. Updates and upgrades are planned.

Comic Book Features:

* Entry screens for Publishers, Series, Titles, Issues, Writers, Colorers, Inkers, Pencilers.

* Unlimited Notes for each Publisher, Issue, & Character.

* Unlimited Web Site list for each Series.

* Unlimited Stories for each Issue.

* Reports including Date Range reports!

* Unlimited Pencilers, Writers, Inkers, Colorers for each Issue. Track autographs and autograph dates!

* Unlimited Character Appearances for each Issue.

* Track Character Origin, First Appearances, Deaths.

* Unlimited Images for each Issue and Character.

* Input the same Issue Number for each Title. Record each Issue's Condition. You can track your entire collection!

* Track Issue Alternates.

* Easy Search Dialogs for each input screen. Issue search allows you to find any issue in your collection in alphabetical order by Title, Publisher, Series, Issue No and Volume. Search for Issue by the Issue Notes too!

* Compact Database won't take up you're entire hard drive.

* Scan Images. Load Images from a file. Paste Images from the clipboard.

* "What's This" Help allows you to click the ? button and click the area you need help on.

* There are utilities to Back Up and Restore your Database.

* Registered Users will get a Free Upgrade to the next Major Version.
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comic book manager 1.13

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