Computer Monitoring Standard 2.4.1



Computer Monitoring Software is useful if you want to check the state of your computer at a distance - for example, when you are at work or away from home. With this application, you can find out what is happening on your computer (for example, the program sends a screen from the desktop to the specified e-mail address). The program is able to accurately give a lot of different information on your computer, and then save them to your user, or sent to your email address. All the information that you choose to download on your computer is stored in a file-based database - it is attached to a special browser, through which you can view any reports. You may wish to monitor the following features: - Hardware information: Number of processors, the level of the CPU, the CPU model, processor speed, the manufacturer of the CPU, keyboard, buttons mouse, installed the network, amount of RAM, screen resolution, number of colors, - information login: time the computer, who's logged on user name, computer - Operating system information - Information resources: amount of RAM, the amount of free RAM, the total amount of memory, the total amount of free memory, free up system resources, free resources by - Working in the processes and threads - Monitor selected folders on your drives - Create a desktop screenshot jpeg file. Additional features of the program: - the ability to easily and quickly configure the program. - Hiding to tray - the program runs in the background and does not interfere with normal operation. - Comprehensive logging operations performed - you always have access to the log of operations performed by the program.
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Computer Monitoring Standard 2.4.1

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