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Counter-Strike (also known as CS) is the most popular additive (mod) for the game Half-Life. Counter-Strike was invented only to play on the network. Over time, as his popularity grew, additions were published imitating the players (called bots) for the game in CS by individuals without access to the Internet. In CS'ie can play as terrorists and anti-terrorists. Depending on who you choose, so we have to fulfill the mission (the whole team, not a single player). Rules bite of every successful mission team gets points, and the money you can in the next round at the start exchanged for weapons, body armor, grenades, magazines and other necessary items to complete the mission. Money gets you also eliminate the enemy. Money can also lose - even by killing a member of their team, or a hostage. CS is a game purely network based on joint action team, not a single player. Playing in his time also a way of surprising players of the game - in addition to the already mentioned almost required "drużynowości" realistic reactions of players reached the shots - often just one shot to neutralize the enemy, as well as slow running game (since the game or going very slowly / sneaking in, or your footsteps are heard by an opponent) or repressed in other games camps.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: 700 MHz  RAM: 128 MB  Graphics Card: 3D graphics accelerator (min. 16 MB)  Free hard disk space: 900 MB  Sound Card: no data  Caution! The file is only a tool for playing through the network and updates.
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Counter-Strike 1.6 Steam

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