Delta Force: Black Hawk Down



Black Hawk Down is the next installment in the series Delta Force, created by the studio NovaLogic, a year characterized by high quality graphics and unparalleled realism actions on the virtual battlefield. The player once again has a chance to go on fighting as an elite commando unit. The next part of the series tells the story of American Rangers and Delta Force soldiers departments participating in the action against the local możnowładcom in Somalia. Black Hawk Down uses a modified, effective three-dimensional game engine Comanche 4, which guarantees the remarkable accuracy of the mapping area and very dynamic action infantry squad attacked the buildings with the support of helicopters in the back trying to counter-attack Somali militia, and the player is in the midst of chaos.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz  RAM: 256 MB  Graphics Card: 32MB 3D accelerator  Free hard disk space: not available  Sound Card: no data
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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

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