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It alerts you when there is a problem and does many of the routine tasks that the typical DBA does not want to deal with daily. DIAB allows you to quickly get to the root of most SQL server production problems and correct the issue before the end user is aware of it. With DIAB you will always have the upper hand and be one step ahead of the game.

DIAB sitting on the desktop fits easily in the corner of your screen. The buttons glow when there is a problem, and the color indicates the intensity of the problem. Each button represents a server instance. The DIAB toolbar will resize itself with the addition or deletion of servers.

DIAB does the following

* Works from a single machine to monitor all your SQL servers.

* Informs you when record blocking is occurring and pinpoints the user and host ID. You can even view the query.

* Quickly identifies queries eating up resources. It even sorts them top to bottom, with the worst offenders on top.

* It gives you detailed information on problem queries: who, when, and from what machine.

* Instantly starts a trace on a spid, user or application just by right-clicking on a user and selecting "trace", so you can quickly identify where a process may be failing.

* Allows you to kill problem processes instantly.

* Informs you when database backups have been missed.

* Alerts you when a drive is about to fill up, and shows you the space on all your drives by size and percentage.

* Gives you real-time animated results of hardware resources being consumed, including CPU, disk usage, memory utilization, and network activity.

* Gives you real-time animated results of SQL server processing loads.

* Helps to resolve data warehouse problems by monitoring your OLAP cube processing.

* Lets you drill down into the hardware resources to get a deeper understanding of the problem.

* Locates failed jobs in the schedules, and displays them on one screen for prioritizing, and maintains a history of the failures and their correction history.
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