Diablo 2: LoD - Eastern Sun 3.00 R6d



This is a mod for the game Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, which significantly changes the rules prevailing in the original version of Blizzard's blockbuster. Thanks to uświadczymy opportunities for adventure in the world of stylized ancient Asia and the land known for its manga series Dragon Ball. Modifications are already visible in the interface of the game, but dates back much further. Significant changes include new names run, the new rune words, the possibility of changes in Diablo and Baal, and use their skills, the ability to equip helpers in additional items, plus safe, and paving equipment, new enemies, items, and possible to master skills, renamed some locations and the ability to find the charms of slots precious stones and runes. This mod works only with the original version of the game.
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Diablo 2: LoD - Eastern Sun 3.00 R6d

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