Diablo II Demo 1.04



Diablo II is a continuation of a great action game with RPG genre, in which our task will be to re-defeat the dark lord, by the name contained in the title game. This time we have to choose up to five characters (barbarian, mage, paladin, necromancer and Amazon), each of which specializes in alce other weapons, what's more, each of them has different special abilities, developed through zdobywanym experience points. During the game we will have the opportunity to find countless items (including the unique, special and sets) As in the first part we will perform our tasks, and the outpouring foot-in-blood enemies, traverse a variety of locations. NOTE demo contains only one playable character (barbarian). The game is played only in the first act. Minimum requirements: Processor: Pentium II 300 MHz RAM: 32MB Video Card: 3D Accelerator Free hard disk space: unknown Sound card: compatible with DrectX 8
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Diablo II Demo 1.04

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