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Digsee Curating Pro is a desktop, laptop- and palm-based database management software for medical materials distribution and marketing networks that is aimed at more effective management of local activities, increasing scope of sales and assessment of effectiveness of products and materials. The software system creates and processes lists of distributed products and materials, lists of medical organisations involved in distribution, doctors, pharmacies, as well as estimates of capacities of products and materials. Each entry of local representative to the database is a feedback on visits to clients, it is sent to the central office through palm-mobile telephone or modem and is used as a yardstick for evaluation of local representative efficiency, demand and deficiencies of particular products and materials. The system has the following software platform with GUPTA SQLBase and high-performance PC client/server for administrator and local levels. GUPTA SQLWindows Quick and powerful client/server development system Complete set of commands allows your access to the database Standard interface for many databases Simple command structure for data access and manipulation Design and printout of various types of reports Import and display data and graphics for different sources ODBC connectivity: dBASE, Paradox, Oracle, Rdb, AS/400, DB2, etc. GUPTA SQLBase High-performance PC client/server database Laptop-to-LAN-server scalability Simple installation, operation and maintenance System optimised for graphical environments Enterprise-wide compatibility and connectivity C enables access and manipulation Support: DOS, OS/2, Windows, Windows NT, and Novell NetWare Hardware/Software Requirements for Remote Users(Representatives) Notebook or Palm PC with installed Windows and Microsoft Exchange client, SQLWindows deploy, Curating Pro client application working with local databases Hardware/Software Requirements for the Office (System Manager)
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Digsee Curating Pro

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