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Distance and Time Calculator is an Add-in for Microsoft MapPoint. This add-in automates the calculation of driving distance and time between many locations and will rapidly create a compatible Microsoft Excel workbook from pushpin sets for in just a few clicks. The results are exported in an easy to read matrix format. The

workbook will contain worksheets for the distances, the driving time, the trip time and or cost.

In Version 1.1, the following features have been added:

- Possibility to calculate distance and time between two different pushpin sets,

- Possibility to cancel the process before it ends,

- Options sections to set common behaviors, time units and export options,

- Improved processing time of routes.

The trial version can be used for a period of 30 days and is a fully functional version of the product so you can try it before buying a copy.
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distance and time calculator 1.1

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