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Droppix Recorder is a functional package for recording various types of CD / DVD. The program has many advantages, and one of the most important is the Polish language. The application is very well polonized which, combined with a modern and clear user interface gives a great effect. Disc burning is done using a special configuration. After the program displays the main menu where you can select what type of data you want to record. After making your selection simply select the files to burn. Note the default settings, such as automatic shutdown after recording disc which prevents the subsequent addition of files. Before you start recording anything go to settings and customize the application to fit your needs. Like the popular Nero application is a graphic displays that take up space on the data published by us. Droppix Recorder makes ripping CDs, burn standard data CDs, create audio CD and VCD / SVCD / XSVCD / DVD / Mini DVD. The program includes a module that displays information about the drives installed in your computer. Just go to the "Device Options". We will be there, among other things: hardware capabilities, types of recordable CDs, memory, firmware version, etc. Note: To activate the interface Polish from the Help menu, select Install Language Packs, and select the appropriate language. Then go to Settings and choose from a list of pre-installed Polish language pack. License allows for 30 days free use of the program.
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Droppix Recorder 2.9.1

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