Dr.Web Anti-virus + Anti-spam 4.44



programming Dr.Web for Windows provides reliable anti-virus protection for computers running Windows 95/98 / Me / NT Workstation / 2000 Professional and Windows XP / Vista. Components of Dr.Web for Windows real-time detect different types of malicious software trying to get from outside sources on the protected computer. In addition, in the case of Dr.Web Anti-virus + Anti-spam protection is provided against unwanted email. The Dr.Web Anti-virus + Anti-spam includes the following modules: Dr.Web scanner with graphical interface on user demand Scans selected objects, memory, startup files, and processes. Antivirus Monitor virus SpIDer Guard Unit testing real-time open files and blocking access to dangerous objects. Module mail security SpIDer MailSkanuje real-time messages received by POP3/IMAP4 as well as those sent via the SMTP protocol. In the case of Dr.Web Anti-virus + Anti-spam for Windows module corresponds to a premium for protection against spam. Dr.Web Scanner command line (no GUI) scans by user selected objects, memory, startup files, and processes. Module update Dr.Web Gets upgrade program modules and virus signature database. Dr.Web Scheduler allows you to easily schedule regular virus database update task and scanning files on your computer.
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Dr.Web Anti-virus + Anti-spam 4.44

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