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DVD slideshow GUI offers a very simple way to make your own slideshows. Just import your images, export them as an authored DVD-image(.iso) and burn it! But DVD slideshow GUI offers much more: 180 different types of transitions. Animate your overlapping images using zoom, pan and rotate. Add videos(avi/avs) to you slideshow. Add music, motion backgrounds, borders and subtitles. Export to dvd video, dvd audio, dvd chapters, dvd subtitles, avi, flash, avisynth script, storyboards, single images with backgrounds, etc. You can even make and add your own transitions(grayscale bitmaps or in avisynth code) and Post effects(avisynth code) and share them through the forum. Import any type of image, any size. Change image order move, copy, paste for one or more slides. Code your own avisynth transitions. Random transition. Add your own avisynth, Free Frame, Photoshop CHA/AMP effects. Import Exif data with photos. What´s New in version DPI 120 friendly Project Settings menu TransAll by V.C. Mohan updated. Arabic translation added. All translations updated. Right-click to import slides.
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DVD Slideshow GUI

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