e-Kiosk Reader 1.0.61



e-Kiosk Reader is a free and convenient to use an e-reader editions distributed in e-Kiosk. With it, you can browse newspapers and magazines on a computer screen, available in an online shop e-Kiosk.pl. In addition to viewing any electronic magazine, we can also zoom images, instantly search your notes or other selections, and print selected pages as identical, as in the traditional editions of the newspaper / magazine published in paper form. e-Kiosk Reader also has options to take notes and highlight selected areas in the article. e-Kiosk Reader lets you conveniently browse any, the selected page in the newspaper - in windowed mode or full screen. It also lets you play attached media (videos, animations and music), post subscriptions to various magazines and manually configure the proxy servers. Note: After installing the program, you must have registered a user account in order to download and view the digital press, distributed by e-Kiosk.
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e-Kiosk Reader 1.0.61

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