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E-Statements is a program that is used to fill and print tax forms and other printed documents found in the course of business include: VAT-7, T-4R, T-11, the balance sheet, income statement - and also safe and easy to use tool for sending electronic tax declarations PIT and VAT directly from within the program. Your tax information can be retrieved from the other modules in the system or entered manually - which allows you to use the program as a complement to your accounting software and payroll. Opportunities The e-Statements MADAR simplifies and speeds up simple accounting work, allowing you to: * The records and prints the most popular and commonly used statement: PIT, CIT and VAT. These declarations are printed as forms, identical to the original. * Signing and sending electronic statements, as well as receive, print and save DTT (Journal of the acknowledgment of receipt). * Print command transfers to the treasury. Transfers are printed automatically, based on the amounts to be paid entered in the declaration. Tax Offices are selected from the list. * Control of the declaration and payment of tax. Usually electronic program allows issuing and electronic delivery of the following statements: * VAT-7 * T-11 * Tax-7K * PCC-2 * VAT-7D most important documents issued: VAT 7, 8 CIT, PIT 11, PIT 4R, PIT 28 , Balance Sheet, Profit - comparative profit - spreadsheet, VAT EU.
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E-Statements MADAR 5.0

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