Easy Rider 3.41



Easy Rider serves as a glossary of computer with additional options for easy reading, comprehension and translation of texts. The program is fast and easy to use. The window of the program is dependent on the selected mode, but the common element is the field dictionary, displaying more terms in alphabetical order, one after another. For readability, the text is properly colored, passwords are separated by a horizontal line, and active code has a different background color. The program is especially helpful for people with a lower level of advancement in knowledge of vocabulary, which often date back to the dictionary to explain what the word means. At this stage, dictionaries are supported: - English-Polish, about 20,000 passwords - Polish-English, about 19,000 passwords - German-Polish, about 22,000 passwords - Polish-German, about 10,000 passwords
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Easy Rider 3.41

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