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A free tool that provides an access to an interactive command-line prompt (CMD session) on remote Windows systems. You can use it to connect network PCs in order to execute commands and run processes remotely from a command-line console. The application doesn't require any manual client installation on remote PCs or special remote hosts configuration, so it can be uses as a light-weight alternative for Telnet, SSH and other remote console tools.

You can use EMCO Remote Console if you need to run commands, utilities or processes on remote PCs through the interactive command-line prompt. For example, you can get a network configuration for the local computer by executing Windows IpConfig utility. Using EMCO Remote Console you can do it remotely by connecting to command prompt on a network PC in order to execute the utility and get its console output. The application can be considered as a light-weight alternative for Telnet, SSH and remote desktop solution, because it doesn't require configuration of target PCs.

How does it work? EMCO Remote Console allows to scan the network in order to detect available PCs. You can connect to selected PC if your account has an administrative access to it. In case of successful connection the application opens an interactive console prompt, similar to CMD session, so you can execute Windows command and run processes. You can open multiple consoles working in parallel to connect to the same or different hosts.
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emco remote console 1.0.3

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