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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a FPS that will satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts, online games. It was created for exclusively for this type of play. For those who foresees the possibility of single mode against bots. The game's story, is set in the days before the events recounted in Quake II. Our planet has been invaded by an alien race representatives (Stroggs), who is by no means burn with love for the Earth. To combat them, is well trained commando branch (Global Defence Force), equipped with the latest weapons, which is available on our planet. Opponents and bring their own toys - a futuristic weapon based on their own technology. During the game, the player has to choose which side of the conflict, the story and the specialization of their choice form. There is also the possibility of the use of vehicles Enemy Territory: Quake Wars uses the graphics engine used in Doom 3 Minimum requirements: Processor: Pentium 4 3 GHz RAM: 1 GB Video Card: 128 MB (GeForce FX 5700 or better) Free hard disk space: unknown Sound card: compatible with DrectX 9
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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Demo

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