EPractize Test Lab Free SCJP 50 Mock Test 1.0


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EPractize Test Lab is a techonology self assessment tool that consists of the following features.

Load Test - Load new tests provided by EPractize Labs.

Test Environment - You can create the test environment by loading tests into the product. Tests are of three types - Ceritification tests, Practize Test and Quiz Test. You can view the answer explanation for Practize Test but not for Certification Test. In case of Quiz Test, you can view the answers then and there.

Test Reports - After attending the tests, you can view the test reports. From the test reports, you can analyse your strengths and weaknesses. You can generate certificate after successful completion of the tests.

Multi User Environment - You can create as many user as you want and set up the test environment. This way many users can use the same application in one system. Reports will stored for each user.

Send Reports to E-Mail - You can send your test reports to your email.
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EPractize Test Lab Free SCJP 50 Mock Test 1.0

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