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Are you a one who remembers of your eyes when you begin to loose your sight? Hope not. Protect your eyes just from now with EyesProtector!

EyesProtector releases you of eye and common tiredness proposing you a break or a eye gymnastics on the proper time.

Eye gymnastics is a set of exercises you do under the leading of the program guide. This activates blood circulations around eyes which supplies them with more of oxygen that avoids many eye problems when you work at the computer long time. Also it helps to avoid "dry eyes" effect and head ache.

These exercises were taken from recommendations of Excimer clinic.

EyesProtector does not replace the common treatment in case of eye problems or illnesses. EyesProtector is a very good addition to the set of eye care actions you may apply. Wide set of configuration parameters allow you to create the most appropriate eye care variant for you.
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eyesprotector 7.0

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