Faronics Anti-Virus 2.1



Faronics Anti-Virus is an effective antivirus that provides proactive protection against viruses and malware. Integrates with other software from the same manufacturer - Faronics Deep Freeze, which freezes the system and partition the hard drive and allows you to perform various tasks without fear of infecting your computer with a virus, Trojan or other malware. Faronics Anti-Virus protects your e-mail and monitors all incoming messages with attachments. It supports programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail. Faronics Anti-Virus program combines antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit tool for removing rootkits, which are activated during system startup. Program features: - modern MX-Virtualization engine that analyzes malware in real-time capable, observed his behavior and accurately detects the level of danger from infecting your computer - an advanced anti-rootkit technology to detect and block dangerous, hidden procesoów, modules and files - A large disk scan speed and low consumption of system resources.
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Faronics Anti-Virus 2.1

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