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FastSeek - the advanced search tool for targeted infomation, is designed to extract customized information (such as email addresses, phone/fax numbers, Zip codes etc.) from a batch of web sites or pages simultaneously.

FastSeek is feature-rich, main features are as follows:

* Pattern Customization - Search for most information with customized partterns (not only e-mail). Universal patterns are also built in for use directly.

* Multi-layer Search - Able to search pages of arbitrary layers in the same site.

* Target Search - Able to search pages with special address patterns in the same site.

* Multi-task, Multi-thread - Fast multi-tasked and multi-threaded engine. It is able of running various jobs (and pages of each job) simultaneously.

* Ability to categorize results - Categorize search results to three types: good, bad and iffy. Another type for deleting items immediately is also supplied. Duplicate items are removed automatically.

* Ability to convert results - Do string replacement, case conversion and sort for search results.

* Ability to match results - Match search results against predefined targets to help identifying mistaken items.

* Flexible and multiform import and export - Many ways are usable to import search pages and export search results.

* Manual Search - A built-in workbench for manual searches - it is WYSWYG.

* Multi-language support and more...
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FastSeek 3.30 Build 091222

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