Ferro digital video recorder



Ferro digital video recorder is designed to record video and audio and media player. Through the use of video rendering, DirectX achieved high smooth video, which is much higher than the front-end programs for Windows Media Player. Smooth zooming in parts of the image (zoom), allows for more accurate views of small, often invisible to the normal screen playback. The program allows you to watch movies with subtitles, which are before the image filtered (antialiasing) and are similar to subtitles seen in the cinema. It has a mechanism that automatically change the length of the individual dialogues, so that you can easily read all the text. Having TV CARD or other capturing device (a video card or a USB camera) You can write audio and video to your hard drive. The program supports almost 90 popular TV Tuners. It supports older 16-bit Video drivers for Windows and the new high-speed 32-bit WDM. An important feature of the programmer, so that we can, as in the traditional VCR automatic recording of selected programs. Working with TV Program application RAKS to add new items to the programmer with a single click without having to manually set the parameters such as the start time, length or name. Currently, there is also the ability to record radio broadcasts compressed MP3 or DivX Audio. Trial Version Limitations: The recording time limited to 20 minutes.
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Ferro digital video recorder

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