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FF Player is a simple, reliable, small and easy-to-use DirectShow-based player that offers all the basic features someone may need. It also has many advanced features, great Windows Explorer Integration and has proven to be fast and stable. FF Player is optimized for fast switching between video files by partly pre-loading the next file before switching. Due to the design of FF Player, the startup and shutdown times are very low, once the .Net Framework is initialized. FF Player features advanced explorer integration. You can select multiple files and open them all directly (by pressing return for example). In comparison to most other players this will happen extremely fast if the player is already running and you won´t have the player started multiple times simultanously. You can right-click selected media files and/or folders in Windows Explorer and choose from options like "Play with FF Player", "Add to playlist", "Play as next" (which will insert them directly under the currently playing item). As windows explorer has the strange behaviour to often pass files out-of-order, FF Player sorts files and folders before adding and playing them. Features: Fast Startup and Shutdown Fast switching between files (good for music videos) Advanced Windows Explorer Integration Playback controls and playlist in fullscreen mode Playlist is optionally saved on exit, and continued on startup Overlay, VMR7, VMR9 Renderer YUV Rendering Playlist files supported (m3u) Aspect Ratio correction (correct stretched videos) Overscan correction (remove black bars) MediaKeys support FoxyTunes support Change playback speed (not on all media files) Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
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FF Player 0.97

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