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Last Firefox browser allows you to easily view, high performance, advanced security, extensive personalization and universal access. It allows you to migrate your bookmarks, history and cookies from Google Chrome also. In addition, activated Sync Add-on accessories can be synchronized between computers. The application includes an updated interface for all platforms, which is elegant and easier to use. Card is mounted above the address bar so that the view is more efficient and intuitive. In a simplified interface, find the Firefox Button - hidden under it all the functions of the viewer. Firefox includes huge improvements in the field of performance. There was a more powerful JavaScript engine JägerMonkey. Mozilla is the only one of the pioneers in the implementation of the new HTML5 standards, so it is not surprising WebM service that offers video playback in HD. Browser supports multi-touch in Windows 7 Not forgotten to use WebGL technology, which provides a three-dimensional image in online games. It is also worth mentioning the support for OpenType fonts. JetPack SDK has been improved so that add-ons can be installed without the need to restart the browser.
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Firefox 20.0.1

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